Why customer choose HBA HBAHBA

The reliable technician team with IT support experience

Professional Helpdesk support team and Proficient onsite support team who you can consult any problems about IT

Various of IT services to fulfill customer busines

Our Services FeaturesFeatures

We will help you fix the problem so that you have quick and easy.

Support for a new costomer

Conduct pre-incorporation research, company formation, operation support.

IT support

Support from installation to maintenance thoroughly. Your IT work will go smoothly with or without skill.

Offshore and Reverse Offshore

Offer Offshore development in Thailand and reverse Offshore service of Japan quality.

Plan IT introduction

Offer optimal business plans and workflow after analysis and hearing on site.

Supply IT devices and software

Assist and coordinate your IT purchase as an IT professional.

IT consulting

Recommend perfect materials and appropriate plans to solve your problems.

NEW Service from HBA


Kintone is a cloud service from Cybozu that allows you to easily create systems for your own business even if you do not have any knowledge of system development. You can use Kintone to intuitively create business apps, and share them within your team. Kintone also comes with a set of features that allows you to set up an internal SNS, thereby enhancing engagement among employees.

Solve your computer problems with HIT-Care service

We provide a total it solution to solve any problem related to IT with our support service.