HBA IT Care Service

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Our Service

We provide a total it solution to solve any problem related to IT with our support system.

– On site support

– Remote support

– Heipdesk( Phone and E mail )

Support Service

Intial First let us visit your office to check IT environment and make up an estimate On second visiting, we will conclude a support contract and do an installation of remote maintenance software. Monthly Remote support Act as your agent on contacting with IT vender or provider Regular maintenance service Make a report for support service, IT Consultant.

Price List

1. Initial fee 8,000 Baht.( For checking IT environment and create a list of computer equipment )

2. Remote software license fee 2,500 Baht 

* * Additional Fee

3. IT asset managing software fee 1,500 Baht

* * Additional Fee

4. Monthly basic fee 3,000 Baht  * cover up to 10 PC.

5. Additional monthiy fee 150 Baht per 1 PC

6. Regular maintenance service、Report fee 1,500 Baht +( 500 Baht per hour )

7. IT consultant Free

8. For other case、we will estimate for each case according to the hardware and software that need support.

* * Helpdesk support Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00  

* * In other timewil be a Support via mobile phone.

** Other charges might incurred in case of equipment trouble and have to pay to IT vendor or provider。